Nutridom Vitamin D3 + K2 300mg 120 Softgels

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Reviewed 11/24/2017

it is winter season, I feel lack of exposing to sunlight due to cloud in the sky, staying most of time indoor as well as covered up with winter coat. VitD is my regular one.

Helpful? Thank long winter

Reviewed 06/25/2018

Happy with this product. No nausea, No stomach ache. And fast delivery

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Reviewed 11/18/2017

If you are looking for the best vitamin D3/k2 look for this brand.

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Reviewed 08/23/2018

I like the fact that I can combine these to vitamins that work so well together for maximum absorption. Will continue to order.

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Reviewed 12/08/2017

I really like this product. It help to cure my long time tooth disease. since I take it everyday, I have never seen a dentist. also the price is very affordable.

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Reviewed 03/26/2018

Glad that there is a vitamin D3 product with vitamin K. This combo is essential that vitamin D3 goes to bones.

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