Nutridom Marine Collagen + Hair, Skin, and Nails 303g

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Reviewed 12/11/2018

My friends recommended marine collagen for healthy skin and hair and they all have gorgeous skin. I had to purchase this to test myself and I have confidence that it will work.

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Reviewed 08/01/2018

There is no fish odor or taste which I really like. It is easy to add to my coffee with no taste change. Will try this everyday!

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Reviewed 03/18/2019

No fish taste or weird texture. I recommend this to anyone who wants to improve health and looks.

Helpful? 3 Thank Alex

Reviewed 06/06/2018

I can feel the difference. Soft Moisturizing Skin, I will definitely recommend.

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Reviewed 10/13/2018

My skin becomes moisturized and glowing. GREAT!

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Reviewed 11/19/2017

Orders received. Thank you. It was a real great experience buying from you guys. Everything was simple & fast

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