Nutridom Biotin 10,000mcg 60 Vcaps

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Reviewed 03/06/2019

Face: This will help give your face a healthy glow. I've noticed that I haven't broken out much since I started using this. My skin itself just looks healthier. Hair: this has helped my hair grow a lot faster than normal. Thank God, considering the lady who cut my hair back in December jacked it up. Nails: my nails grow real fast now that I'm taking these pills. So fast that I literally have to cut my nails often to keep them short I recommend this product!

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Reviewed 03/06/2019

I tried these out because my nails were very thin and brittle. I didn't see much that it did for my hair but my nails never looked better. They actually grew strong and didn't peel. I also had less ridges as well. I would recommend these to anyone that has brittle nails.

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