Nutridom Chaga Mushroom 360mg 120 Vcap

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Reviewed 02/15/2018

i trust Canadian chaga which harvested wild natural and peticide free

Helpful? Thank wild nature

Reviewed 03/06/2019

chaga mushroom really helps. It makes me feel stronger and better.

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Reviewed 10/30/2018

it helps to boost immune function. my mom refer to me this one as i often catch a cold or feel bad due to the flu like symptoms~

Helpful? Thank good immune

Reviewed 02/13/2019

great benefits. it boosts immune system, provides antioxidants and supports cardiovascular health. defen worth. just buy it

Helpful? Thank just buy it

Reviewed 02/13/2019

i used to often catch a cold BUT NOT ANYMORE!!! it really helps

Helpful? Thank dang good

Reviewed 03/06/2019

love it!

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