Rate of Deaths from Cancer are declining! Are we finally starting to win our battle with cancer?

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People diagnosed with cancer are living longer according to a report released by the Canadian Cancer Society earlier this month. This is encouraging news, however the fact remains that around 1 in 2 people in Canada will be diagnosed with cancer in their ...    More


Anti-Aging with Anti-Oxidants?

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A great variety of free radicals are continuously generated in cells in our body. Free radicals are metabolism by-products that naturally occur in our body. They are unstable and can cause irreversible oxidation of proteins, lipids, nucleic acids and c...    More


CHIA! So many health benefits in such a small seed!

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Salvia hispanica or chia seeds, are native to Mexico and Guatemala where they have been traditionally used as a food product for centuries. They have gained popularity around the world now due to their many health benefits....    More


Health Benefits of Moringa Seed and Moringa Leaf

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Moringa, native to the Himalayan Mountains in northwestern India where it is also known as “drumstick tree,” is a tree that grows best in dry soil and is draught tolerant. It grows well even in soil of poor quality, such as in sandy soils of t...    More


The Mysterious Açai, Brought Directly from Brazil

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Acai (pronounced ah-sigh-ee) is the fruit of a palm tree that grows in the rainforests of the Amazon—a tree Brazilians call "The Tree of Life." Because acai fruit itself is perishable, its popularity was stayed only in Brazil. Since However Improv...    More