Nutridom Top 3 Things to Take for IBS

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is defined as abdominal pain or discomfort that occurs in association with altered bowel habits over a period of at least 3 months. Diagnosis is only based on patient symptoms and often people don’t seek medical attent...    More


Nutridom Top 3 Things to Take for Gout

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Gout is a type of arthritis or joint inflammation that is caused by a build up of uric acid which is a breakdown product from some of the goods we eat that are high in purines. The excess uric acid in the body can form crystals that can get trapped in sma...    More


Nutridom Top 3 Things to help with Depression

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Sleep disturbances. Low energy. Poor concentration. A loss of interest in usually enjoyed activities. Feelings of guilt, hopelessness and depressed mood are all signs of depression. Depression affects around one in eight people at some point in their life...    More


Nutridom Top Things to take to Prevent Osteoporosis

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At least 1 in 3 women and 1 in 5 men will suffer from osteoporosis related fracture during their lifetime! While bone mineral density does naturally decline with age these numbers seem staggering. So what can you do to prevent yourself from being one of t...    More


Nutridom Top 3 Things to Take to help with Asthma

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Asthma is the third most chronic disease in Canada with estimates of over 3 million people suffering from the condition. Children are the most effected with approximately 600,000 asthma sufferers under the age of 12. Here are some natural supplements that...    More