Nutridom Vitamin D3 + K2 300mg 120 Softgels

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Reviewed 06/25/2018

Happy with this product. No nausea, No stomach ache. And fast delivery

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Reviewed 11/18/2017

If you are looking for the best vitamin D3/k2 look for this brand.

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Reviewed 08/23/2018

I like the fact that I can combine these to vitamins that work so well together for maximum absorption. Will continue to order.

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Reviewed 12/08/2017

I really like this product. It help to cure my long time tooth disease. since I take it everyday, I have never seen a dentist. also the price is very affordable.

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Reviewed 03/26/2018

Glad that there is a vitamin D3 product with vitamin K. This combo is essential that vitamin D3 goes to bones.

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Reviewed 10/09/2017

Strongly believe that this product improve the absorption with coconut oil. I have limited knowledge on absorption something but i trust the lable information.

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